For more than 30 years offering quality and durability in its products

We are a company located in São Paulo, Brazil, near to main roads to better serve our customers and their demands.

Each part is customized with great quality materials, focusing on its best performance. This results in high durability and safety on the roads.


The most complete product line of heavy vehicles mechanical parts

Our products feature original quality, made up of certified raw material. Developed with high technology equipment, always innovating with every project and production process.

Compatible parts with the main brands of cargo vehicles

Our main partners


Price x quality for your customer

In this globalized and extremely competitive market, there is inevitably a search for the best prices. This market “fight” often leads to doubts about our choices, or to not using a concept called “price interpretation”. What you need to know about it?

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How to save fuel on the climb?

Many truckers and bus drivers face daily a sawing and handling routine. In addition, its mission is to reach your destinations or as soon as possible and still save fuel. Now is this really feasible?

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O Freio Motor traz vantagens econômicas?

Neste vídeo falamos o por que o Freio Motor Sdubo é referência quando se trata de garantia de mais quilometragem!


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