A story with engine brake

The engine brake is original factory equipment designed to be used as an auxiliary brake on trucks and buses. It is an item and safety, unfortunately, little valued, but it can certainly avoid many accidents and save lives. It can be triggered by a button on the panel, or automatically when you take your foot off the accelerator, as it is on most city buses. When triggered, its function is to reduce vehicle speed by reversing the role of the engine, That happens to use your strength and energy to hold the vehicle. Its use is indispensable on slopes for safe descent, but it can also normally be used on flat surfaces.

Regrettably, the number of trucks and buses that do not use the engine brake is still large, due to ignorance or because they think it consumes more fuel. A mistake, because the engine brake is a fundamental equipment! Many do not work or have even been disabled. I'll tell you a case I witnessed. It might even look funny if it wasn't almost tragic.

I was visiting a large body shop when I came across a nearly cast man. Only one arm, one leg, and head were in a cast. Of course curiosity led me to ask:

What happened?
With a "hero" face, the boy replied:
I was going down the saw and the brake wasn't holding the truck. The speed increased more and more. It was then that I came across a sharp curve ahead. I didn't think twice: I opened the truck door and jumped! Good thing I was "smart", otherwise I would be dead now, because the truck gave total loss!

After hearing the report, I asked:

Didn't you use the engine brake?
The answer was:
No! The "boss" has shut down because it consumes more fuel, and to tell the truth, I don't even know how to use it!

This situation could well have been avoided if he had a habit of using the indispensable engine brake.

There are reports of drivers descending the saw with the engine brake only, without using the brake pedal. But this is an experience gained from frequent use of this equipment.

Well, the conclusion of the story, I leave it to you. However, I leave my message:

Use the engine brake without moderation!

Luiz Carlos
Sdubo founder

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