Price x quality for your customer

In this globalized and extremely competitive market, there is inevitably a search for the best prices. This market “fight” often leads to doubts about our choices, or to not using a concept called “price interpretation”.

To get the best prices and keep in this environment, many companies resort to criteria and creatives that are not always consumer-friendly. We certainly want the best price, but we don't want to be fooled.

You have to think about how important or prepare the buyer and, more importantly, that he is aware of who plays the role of judge when selecting the products that his company's sellers offer to customers: the best, the best, the most expensive. fair, or those who cater to vested interests and "screw" users?

To make a choice for a cheaper product, regardless of quality, with the sole intention of increasing competition, you can harm your customer and consumer or fair manufacturer or manufacturer that produces value and quality. In addition, discouraging Brazil's economy, encourage low quality products. You need to understand what your customer wants and respects. Certainly, he doesn't want to be fooled.

But understand: Put it in front of you, you will have a great opportunity to conquer it definitely. Just serve you with selected products, with good references and fair price, that will be closed with you.

Those who don't know yet come to you, but by your reference. That simple!

For recognition, you must have an attitude to change. This is the secret of the longevity and success of companies that use cost-effective, do not qualify all earnings. That is the way!

I ask you to make an interpretation: what is the best price? The cheapest, dubious one that can fool your customer and drive them away from you, or the value for money that can enable your customer and build your business? Think carefully, make a difference and always offer the best products!

Luiz Carlos
Sdubo founder

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