How to save fuel on the climb?

Many truckers and bus drivers face daily a sawing and handling routine. In addition, its mission is to reach your destinations or as soon as possible and still save fuel. Now is this really feasible?

The simple thing is: the longer it takes to try to accelerate the vehicle, the more fuel is consumed. However, when climbing a saw, the driver is already demanding high horsepower engine. Further increasing engine speed, ie accelerating to save time, can compromise not only the engine, but the entire power tremor, reducing the life of the truck.

So what to do to save fuel on the way up?

  1. When climbing, it is recommended to use synthetic oil, as this product reduces or attracts power tremors, resulting in fuel economy.
  2. It is important to check the tire calibration.
  3. Always look for the extra economic point along the green speedometer band. Never get to the red marking, which is a danger zone for your heavy engine turning.
  4. You should also avoid the idle zone, as in addition to spending more travel time, you can also consume more fuel.

One myth that exists is that of accelerating the engine, the cooling is greater and of accelerating little, or the engine gets warmer. In fact, it is the opposite! The faster it accelerates, the more explosions happen in the engine, generating more heat. Not to mention the climbs. In this case, the effort and the number of explosions become even greater, so that the engine seeks more cooling. Na verdade, é o contrário! Quanto mais se acelera, mais explosões acontecem no motor, gerando um maior aquecimento. Isso sem falar nas subidas. Neste caso, o esforço e o número de explosões se tornam ainda maior, tanto é que, por conta disso, o motor busca uma refrigeração a mais.

Watch for road signs that detect the slope of the saw to know which gear to use for climbing. This point is very important as it is a climb that saves the most amount of fuel.

The more effort, the larger the engine, the shorter its life, so be aware of these tips.

Remember: when replacing the mechanical parts of your engine and gearbox, such as levers, clutch forks, belt tensioners, pulleys, engine brakes, etc., don't get the price, the quality of the items. as they are mechanical parts that allow you to secure or fix your truck.

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